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We have been helping people just like you reach your hair care and hair growth goals since 2005, because we are truly passionate about hair! 

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  • Stop Hair Breakage and Split Ends
  • Learn the Secrets to More Shine and Manageability
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  • Grow Hair on a Bald Head or Bald Spot
  • Discover Which Hair Care Products are Good for Your Hair. And that to Avoid.
  • Improve and Grow Your Hair Using All Natural Homemade Remedies
  • Learn How to Select and Wear Natural Looking Wigs and Hair Extensions
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Do you see other people with beautiful, full, long, sexy hair and ever wonder how they got it that way?  Have you been looking for a solution to your current hair care and hair growth goals, but to date, you have come up empty handed? If so, look no further . . . you have come to the right place!

You may believe that those with great hair have special genetics, and maybe they do.  However, you too can achieve all of your current hair growth goals.  I firmly believe this,  I believe this because I get tons of positive feedback from my website visitors all the time, telling me about their success using the information and methods, on this website.   

You want gorgeous hair.  Right? Well, you need the correct information and you need to take the right steps,  to get to the hair that you want.  Beautiful long and luscious hair does not magically happen, for the average person.  Likely not even YOU!

Want to know why you have not reached your hair grow goals?  It is your lack of knowledge about your hair, and your lack of  consistent action towards reaching your hair growth goals.  All you must do, is take consistent action towards reaching  your hair growth goals, and you will reach them.  

Get started right here.

   You are Judged by Your Appearance

Your hair is a "calling card", to the rest of the world.

Why is your hair one of the most important parts about your appearance?  It's the first thing that people notice about you.  Make a good first impression!

Take the time to read and educate yourself about the proper care and treatment of your hair.  And then use this new information to help you get the hair that you truly want.  

For example, split ends are one of the easiest fixes in the world, yet many people don't realize how important the proper maintenance of your split ends are to growing and successfully keeping your hair long, and beautiful.  

Sam & Me.  Our Long Hair!

INVEST IN YOURSELF - You Deserve it! 

This website was put together for you with love, it is the result of all of the trial and struggles I had to go though before I stumbled upon the right combination of things to get my hair back to health. 

Before my hair problems began, I had a head full of nice, long, and beautiful hair.

If you are suffering from hair issues,  I personally know and feel your pain.  I suffer from female pattern baldness (Alopecia).  

I worked hard, on the inside of myself -emotionally.  And on the outside, in order to get my hair back.   This process was very long, at least three years.  I spent hundreds of dollars looking for help.  I tried everything known to man to get my hair to grow back.  This process was very frustrating at times, because I wanted instant results, as I am sure you do too.   

However, patience is the name of the game when you are looking for improvement in your hair.  There are no shortcuts to the process.  However, this website can help you find great information which may speed up the process for you.  

Please, do something good for yourself, get the hair care knowledge and secrets that you need!  You will find everything here.  Look around, you will be amazed at the information I have put together for you.  Plus as a bonus you will get your hands on my family treasury, "Grandma Esther's Secret Hair Grow Recipe", totally for FREE.  No Gimmicks.  No Games.  Keep reading.  

How to Get Long, Flowing and Beautiful Hair!

Here is the Secret to long flowing and beautiful hair.  Your hair must be HEALTHY!  Sounds simple, but few people truly understand this concept.  Again, simply work to get healthy hair, and everything else you want will happen.  Period.

The advances made since I started along my hair growth journey, have been out of this world!  Lo'real is now formulating a hair straightening pill, read about it in my blog, and there are now low level laser treatments which work to grow hair on a bald head, these are only a few of the breakthroughs. We discuss this and so much more on this website


There are many more options available now, which will help your hair, no matter your hair goals.    

There isn't a "one-size-fits-all solution", to your hair issues and goals.  

Bottom line - invest in yourself 

Try every reasonable thing you can find, until you find the right combination of things for your unique situation.  What worked for me, may not be the best solution for you, however, you will never know until you try some of the ideas, information and recipes on this website.   Likely you will find something here which will work for you.  Check everything out on Grandma Esther's Secret Hair Grow website, we offer a ton of free information here, including another totally free recipe, from the world famous Dr. Smita, we have free hair care articles, a Hair Grow Guru Blog, videos, and so much more.   


Please, visit other websites, read all of the information available on this site.   Research your hair situation and consult experts in the field.  We are all here to help you achieve your goals.  

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to finally get the beautiful hair that you want.  I am available 24/7 by phone, or email, see below for my contact information.  

 Hairfully Yours - Janice McAlister, The Hair GROW Guru

Grandma Esther's Secret Hair Grow Recipe

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